Monday 3 February 2014

7km & lunchbox success and failure

A humid 7km this morning as day 2 of Week 6 of the Lazyrunner 10km program.  I'm not supposed to do these runs consecutively, but I'm just so enthusiastic at the moment.  And importantly, I think my morning runs are really helping me emotionally and mentally get through the twins' first week of school.  So its my body and I'll run if I want if I want to...(for those too young to get it just move on).
I saw two pelicans on my run! 

This morning was a breeze compared to yesterday.  No nose bleeds, no hats down drains, everyone was happy.  I'm starting to get to know a few Mums from school.  One family lives just down the road.  They seem like really nice people.  I love the feel of this school.  It feels like a real community.   One mum told me this morning that running is her 'thing'.  Yippee!  She does look pretty fit and I suggested we go for a run together sometime.  I hope she's not too fast for me!
My husband wants me to double-check that T2 did this all himself!

T1's handiwork - I'm so proud of those guys!

Over the weekend I started work on my goal to participate in the kitchen more for the kids' school lunches.  My mother-in-law does the cooking (I know I'm completely spoiled).  I confess, she also helped with these..she's a champion!

these were given the thumbs up by all 3
Over the weekend I tried out mini quiches and banana weetbix chocolate muffins.  The mini-quiches were a success with all three and the muffins (which are healthier) were a fail with 2/3.  I tasted them and I reckon they're yummy.  I did use dark chocolate by accident, so I may give them another go in future.  Meanwhile, I'll eat them.  Oh well.
Me and 100+ reviews on the website liked them...oh well

The recipe for the mini-quiches is here.  A tip if you make them-buy short-cut bacon.  It took me too long too cut all the gross fat off the rashers.   I also used onion flakes because my little darlings don't 'like' onion.  The recipe for the muffins is here.  I hope you have more luck with them than I do.

Do you have a favourite lunch box recipe for me to try?  I need inspiration.

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