Sunday, 9 February 2014

9km long run & chilling at home with the fam

T2 woke up with an asthmatic cough at 5.44am - ouch, its Sunday for crying out loud!  So I gave him some ventolin and thought I'll just lie down for a little while and then get up and do my long run.  I opened my eyes and it was past 7.30am!  My punishment?  The sun belting down on my head during my 9km.  But I can't complain because other Aussies are frying in different parts of the country.  I felt slow and hot.  I'm starting to feel the need...the need for speed!  Therefore I'm going to start looking around at some other programs that incorporate at least one speed session a week as well as a long run.  Any suggestions?

My dear mother-in-law went to the bakery this morning, and cross buns!  Oh the yummy deliciousness!  I just can't resist them.

Please don't tell me its too early!
I know - alot of butter!
The rest of the day was spent swimming with the family, cooking for this week's lunches and doing a little reading for my nursing course.  Later my sister-in-law popped over.  I totally love her and us 3 girls had a natter over a tea.  She's just returned from China and picked up some Tiger Balm from Singapore.  I'm going to give it a whirl after my next Parkrun.

Choc chip Cookies

Recipe for the choc chip cookies is here.  I made them much smaller than the recipe said, but they're still pretty huge.

I'm feeling really tired this evening.  I wonder if the 9km (the longest run since I've started back running) has fatigued me?  My darling husband gave my legs a rub and just had a soak in the bath so feeling a little better now.

Back to school for the twinnies tomorrow.  I'm going to miss them, a little.  I really hope there's no nose bleeds this week.

Any suggestions for a 12 week half marathon program that has a little speedwork?

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