Wednesday 19 February 2014

5.7km; School Supervision & one of the worst things about twins ;-)

It was SO humid this morning!  Every day the air is so thick and wet.  Now that I have a Garmin I have realised what I thought was 6km is actually 5.7km :-(.

Today was a day for me to knuckle down and get some of my nursing studies done.  In a couple of weeks uni will start up and I'll be juggling a part-time uni course and a full-time TAFE course.  But I've promised myself that no matter how stressful and full-on things get, I'm going to prioritise my running.  In fact, I'd rather fail a subject than go backwards with my running.  Its kind of like the safety talk on an've got to put that mask on yourself before you help your kids, otherwise you'll all be toast.  I think its particularly apt for parents of kids with special needs.

This is what I do all day when the kids are at school (well-what I'm supposed to do!)

Today T2's BCBA (Behavioural supervisor) went to observe T2 at school for the very first time.  She dropped in afterwards and went through her observations.  There are so many positives, but still quite a few things he needs to work on.  Unfortunately some of the behaviours are tricky ones to eliminate,like non-functional language, conversation skills and attending.  But overall he is doing SO well.  And T1 is practically indistinguishable from his peers which is amazing!  It will be interesting to see what interventions get put in place for his IEP (Individualised Education Plan).

Tonight was Kindy info evening, which went well.  Lots of info to take in but unfortunately books to cover in clear contact.  That stuff is sheer hell to work with.  It sticks together, you get bubbles and bits of contact stuck to you.  And yes, if you're lucky enough to have twins you get double the books to cover!  Woo hoo!  I got home and did it straight away because just looking at them was going to make me nauseous.  Anyway I'm pretty happy with my handiwork - not many bubbles!
I'm SURE your evening was more exciting than mine!


  1. I'm sorry to hear the route was shorter than you expected. I hated that when I started using my garmin more. It just frustrated me even more. You won't regret a garmin though!

    I'm glad I found your blog and have a great day.

    1. Thanks Hollie! I love comments. I've still got alot to learn about my Garmin, but so far its great. I can see new PBs on the horizon!