Monday, 24 February 2014

A speed session & my first world problems

This morning I went out for a speed session.  These are the sessions I find it hard to get out of bed for, because frankly they hurt!  But I went down to the oval and did 1 minute hard running 1 minute walking x 8.  I think I'll reserve Mondays for speed work because Monday is bin day and I hate running past stinky bins and dodging rubbish trucks.  The fresh air and grass is worth the pain of the session.

We live with our mother-in-law who is a very clean and tidy person.  In fact anyone who comes to the house always comments on how we keep it so clean with 3 boys.  Its not me, that's for sure.  And every week I watch my mum -in-law do the weekly deep clean of our rather large house.  I feel the guilt, I leave the house.  And so I decided to hire a cleaner.

When I was pregnant with the twins I hired a cleaner of our much smaller house because I was so ill.  But they didn't do a great job and I once overheard them gossiping about their clients and kind of felt uncomfortable about it so made excuses and let them go.

When we moved to our current house I decided to get cleaners to assuage my guilt at watching my MIL clean.  All was going well, we had a nice couple doing it fortnightly and I was relieved of my guilt.  Until they disappeared.  Literally - well maybe figuratively.  I left messages, texts and finally after a month of them not returning my messages and pleading for them to return my key I gave up.  So, today I got a third cleaner to quote me and...drum roll... she quoted $150 (cash that is)!!  OMG! This does not include tidying or anything, just bathrooms, floors and dusting.  I'm not sure if its reasonable or not but that would cover speech therapy for T2.  So, I give up.  I vow NEVER to get a cleaner again.  I'm done.  I will now spend 2 hours of my life every week cleaning - but only if I get some positive reinforcement when I'm done.  I'm thinking lunch out with my MIL. Sigh.

No pictures today.  Maybe I should have taken a photo of our vacuum :(  ...and duster...and mop.

Do you have a cleaner?  How much is reasonable?

Does anyone know how to copy graphs from Garmin Connect?

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