Saturday 15 February 2014

A Parkrun PB for my birthday!

This morning I woke to rain and kind of harboured a desire for in2cricket to be cancelled so I could do a Parkrun.  My wish came true!  The cancellation came through about 7.20am and I was in my running gear and off to my local Parkrun. And I ran a PB by 54 seconds and ran under 27 minutes.  I am so happy with that!  When I got home my eldest's cricket match was on so I headed down to the ground only for it to be called off just before it was his turn to bat.  He took it pretty well.

The rest of my day involved opening my pressies and relaxing at home.  I was thoroughly spoiled with lots of pressies.  Amongst the haul was my new secret speed weapon...a Garmin Forerunner 10 (pink of course!).  Now I'll know how far and how fast I'm running, which will be really important for my upcoming half marathon.  I plan on testing it out on my run tomorrow morning.
My new secret weapon..hopefully more PBs are on the way!

My family know that it takes 3 things to make me happy on a special day 1) a good book 2) good chocolate 3) something nice to put in a bath.  And I scored on all fronts!
Lush bubble bomb

So glad you can get Haigh's in Sydney these days

I LOVE stationary and my thoughtful eldest got me some cute notebooks and coloured pens.  He's a keeper. He borrowed the pens for his homework.  I think the stationary fetish might be genetic.

My eldest got me notebooks and pens - I LOVE this one in particular!

T2 wanted a freckle cake and my mother-in-law made this super moist and delicious chocolate cake with freckles.  It was scrumptious!  The freckles were also from Haighs

I was super spoilt this year!

I was determined I wasn't going to look at one nursing textbook or journal article today.  Instead, I schecked some of my favourite autism experts on Autism Live.  Dr Jonathon Tarbox and Shannon Penrod is one my favourite segments.
Tonight after the twins went to sleep my dad stayed at home while I went to our local Thai restaurant with my husband, eldest and mother-in-law.  Its VERY rare the four of us get to go out together and it was a special and relaxed evening.  I planned to top it off with an episode of my favourite show Sherlock but we were all too tired and will have to save it for tomorrow.

I'm really looking forward to this episode of Sherlock!

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