Sunday 2 February 2014

8.5km & The Texas Chainsaw Massacre

A lovely 8.5km this morning at an easy pace.  I'm glad I got my run in before school starts as its going to be hot today.  Its the luxury of living close to school.

This morning is the first full day of school for the boys.  I was up before them (very rare) and heard the tap upstairs go on. "Oh no you don't" I thought, thinking that T2 was up to his usual tricks (he loves water).  As I approached the bathroom I saw smears of blood on the door, then blood all up my T2's arms and then I looked into his face and it was literally covered in blood!  "Is he cut? What's going on?".  Just a nose bleed - phew.  We are not a family of nose bleeders and this is actually the first time I've experienced a proper nose bleed from any of my kids.  Thanks for saving it for the first day of school buddy!

I cleaned him up a little and let him watch TV as I attempted to pinch his nose.  This is not an easy feat with a kid on the spectrum but luckily it stopped, and I was able to go for my run.  Fast forward to about 8am and it starts again - gushing everywhere.  He started wiping his nose and smearing it everywhere.  So he had blood pretty much all over him so I got him in a fairly cool bath and after a little while it stopped bleeding.  Meanwhile the clock is ticking....

My goal of looking half respectable compared to the coiffed and polished school mums began to fade.  I'm still in my running gear, hair unwashed.  I rushed downstairs and leaned over the bath to at least wash my hair (I have fine hair that really needs a wash after a run).  At 8.40 we headed out the door - my hair was wet, no make-up.

I'm walking a couple of metres in front trying to hurry the pace a little.  I could hear the principal on the megaphone.  I turned around and T2 had NO hat on.  "Where's your hat?" I asked, panic rising.  "Gone" said T2. "Well go get it!!" I yelled (I do regret the yelling part).  Then I asked "where is it?"  He led me to the drain.  At this point I thought I might crack and start sobbing on school grounds for the second time in 3 days.  Deep breaths, deep breaths..I held it together!  I peered down the drain and saw the hat, got onto my stomach and reached down as far as I could  My finger tips could just feel the hat.  At this stage I had my whole torso down a drain on school grounds.  I got the hat!!  And off we went.

I just know I'm going to be one of those crazy mums no matter how hard I try :-).  Its 9.30am and very quiet.  I'm drinking tea, but probably need something much stronger :-)

Now I'm just waiting for the phone to ring ;-)

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