Wednesday, 29 January 2014

5km & 1 Sleep 'til big school!!

I went for a really enjoyable 5km run to finish Week 5 of the LazyRunner 10km program.  I usually lean towards morning running but it was just beautiful this evening.  It wasn't too hot and it was just a beautiful Summer evening.  I followed it up with a relaxing dip in the pool and straight into my pjs.  Tomorrow and Friday I won't be doing any morning running as the twins will be starting school.  I might try and do another evening run tomorrow as it was really great.

The uniforms are pressed, everything's labelled, the shadows are ready.  If you're wondering what a shadow is, its kind of like a teacher's aide.  My BCBA has recommended T2 have an ABA trained shadow full-time for at least the first 6 months. T2 knows the shadows who will be with him so it makes me feel so much better.  This morning all the Kindy kids and parents met at the park.  I was feeling anxious, actually nauseous.  Would the boys behave?  Would T2 cope or start doing really weird behaviours?  Would the mum's be welcoming?  When I first got their I felt so awkward.  The boys took off on the equipment.  And I took off to man the flying fox for all the kids.  It was a good strategy.  I got talking to a couple of parents while having something to do (dragging the flying fox up the wire many times!).  Then I found a couple of parents I'd previously met and it was all good and everyone was really nice.  I didn't stay long as T2 doesn't last much longer than 11/4 hours at the park and it was pretty hot. So we headed home on  a good note.

A metallic 'Sharpie' marker is fantastic for naming dark things

A permanent thin black marker

I bought this ages ago when my eldest was in preschool.
 You can buy iron on refills and sticky fillers.  Its been VERY handy.

Then I discovered I had to get new anaphylaxis and asthma plans done for school tomorrow, so made a last minute trip to the medical centre, boys in tow.  Whenever I go to the medical centre I take every electronic device we own.  Today it was a Leappad, an iPad, a mini iPad, my Iphone and a 3DDS (I kid you not!).  It makes the hour at the medical centre bearable...just.  But we did it and we are all ready for the big day tomorrow.
It took five devices for us to get through a double dr's appointment at the medical centre!

What is your favourite time of day to run?

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