Saturday, 25 January 2014

8km & Novotel Brighton-Le-Sands

Today I started week 5 of the Lazyrunners 10k plan.  Today was 8km.  It all went fine as I'd had 2 days off running.  Not sure about pace but this program is all about the distance not speed.  After I've finished this program I intend to incorporate one speed session a week into my training.

On Friday afternoon myself, my eldest and mother-in-law headed to Brighton-Le-Sands Novotel for an overnight stay.  My mother-in-law was sick last time we went so it was her first time there.  She really liked it.  It's my last voucher that I had stashed and I'm now on a voucher ban (self-imposed) until further notice :-(
the view from our room - a little windy!

Comfy beds and the pillows weren't too fat

Love 1990s Decor

We decided to skip the hotel restaurant because although its very good, its quite expensive unless you have one of the Accor club cards (which we don't).  We were surprised how many good casual eateries were located along Bay St.  For dinner we had fish, chips and calamari at Ocean Heart seafood.  It was all very fresh and delicious.  The calamari was particularly good (no sign of chewiness and so tasty!).
We'll be back.

If you want good fish n chips in Brighton-le Sands, look no further

Chunky chips - but there was no salt and they didn't ask!  I kept looking in the bag...but no :-(

One of the running bloggers I follow is always eating frozen yoghurt (she calls it Froyo) so when I discovered a frozen yoghurt shop I thought I'd indulge in my first one. I had no idea what flavour so had a little plain, a little mango and a little coconut.  I think I actually like the plain best.  Then, for the fun bit- the toppings.  Mini m&ms, crushed Oreos & Hershey bars, fruit and unidentifiable coloured round balls.  I liked it.  Not as much as HungryRunnerGirl does but I'll definitely have another soon.
Yoganic  - Bay St Brighton Le Sands

A froyo mishmash

For breakfast we went downstairs to Mezzes cafe.  We ordered bacon, eggs and toast.  It was all delicious and I'm not sure what bread they used but it was beautiful.  It cost under $10 each for the meals!  We followed that up by hot chocolates.  The service was great and the food came out promptly.

SO yummy..under 10 bucks!

Delicious hot chocolate

We picked up some lunch boxes and drink bottles for the twins (4 sleeps til big school!).  What on Earth is going on?  There was literally a wall of different boxes - long ones, short ones, ones with mini containers and separate containers and freezer coverings........What happened to the gigantic Decor boxes and a popper (if you wanted a drink you went to the bubbler).  Why is parenting so confusing these days???
A night in watching Fedex and Nadal...poor Federer.

I love this derelict terrace right across from the beach. 

A short walk takes you to what used to be my Nana's place.  Many happy memories of a wonderful person.

I also discovered something frightening about my mother-in-law and eldest.  I bought some gummy bears for them, but I didn't realise the effect they had on them.  They practically inhaled the packet.  When they offered me some I backed away in fear of immediate addiction.  We bought 2 more packets when we went down to Coles.  I'm not sure if those bears are still with us-its truly scary watching them in action.  A word of warning. DO NOT buy the sugar free ones - have you seen the reviews? Don't click on this link if you are eating.
These are NOT sugar free...but if you don't like your in-laws....:-)
T2 has a loose tooth and is demanding all food be cut into bite sizes.  Hurry up and fall out tooth!

What is your favourite Froyo flavour and toppings?  I need guidance.

Do you have any lunch box recommendations?  I really need help with this.

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