Friday 17 January 2014

Parkrun PB & chilling with the kids

This morning's parkrun had almost identical conditions to last week, so it was a great comparison.  It was hot and very sunny again.  Last week the whole experience was pretty painful. Today I decided I wouldn't go out so hard in the beginning as I found the second half really tough.  Overall, I felt so much better this week and therefore thought I'd ran a slower time.  I had a line from a Katy Perry song in my head from the drive so kept singing it in my head (I've been waiting all day, for you to call me baby...repeat x100).  It was tough but I didn't feel as bad as last week.  Like last week I had no idea what time I ran, so I was REALLY when I found out that I shaved 30 seconds off my time and ran it under 28 minutes!!  Its really motivating.

This afternoon I sent my eldest and my husband off for a well-deserved ovenight break at the Novotel Brighton Le Sands..yes, another Scoopon (its my only weakness;-).  So this arvo I've been chilling out with T1 while T2 has a therapist working with him.  So far we've been playing a cool game Loopin' Louie, a Teenage Mutant ...Turtle puzzle, table tennis and swimming in the pool.
T2 loves his Furby - but it take a while for him to get into it

The pool has been a godsend this holidays

Leapin' Louie - a simple but cool game

T1's favourite calm-down activity - puzzles

Last night I caught up with my mum and we saw Saving Mr Banks.  I thought it was excellent.  I really enjoyed the story and it left me wanting to know more about the life story of P Travers..or Mrs Travers, as she preferred to be called.
a really enjoyable movie

Then we went to a yummy Lebanese restaurant, El Karim, next to Roseville Cinema.  If you ever go there make sure you get the home-made lemonade and the trio of dips...oh... and the fish.  Yum yum yum.  No photos as I felt abit self-conscious!

Do you have a favourite Lebanese restaurant?

Have you seen Saving Mr Banks?  Rating out of 10?

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