Monday 20 January 2014

7.5km run, T1& T2 wearing me down and lovely outing with my eldest and husband

This morning I knocked over 7.5km as part of Week 4 of my 10km program.  I was very slow and very stiff.  But no niggles, so gotta be happy with that.

T2 has been really challenging in the last couple of days.  There's been a few broken items, alot of scrunched work papers and thrown things and general non-compliance.  T1 has been bothering my eldest.  At one time both myself and my eldest were sitting in my bed with tears because of the twins' behaviour.  I need to contact my BCBA...quickly.  I'm also considering some form of respite for the first time.  This is the last week of the school hols and I think there's a combination of frustration, worry about starting school and a few financial headaches that are forming the perfect storm.  I'm feeling worn down.  My husband is more stoic than I am, but he gets frustrated with them too.  The worst thing is not knowing the best way to react, or knowing the right way and not doing it.  Autism is exhausting.  And frustrating.  And sometimes...just crap.

On a positive note, I still had a voucher left for High Tea at the Swissotel (I've banned myself from voucher purchase for the foreseeable future.  Sad, but true :-(.  After having my earlier meltdown it was great to head out for some quality time with my eldest and husband (my poor mother-in-law looked after the twins).  We went to the Swissotel (they're starting to get to know me there).  We had a great time venting and talking NFL (well, I tried to look interested during the NFL conversation).

Only improvement could be the cream - it needs to be clotted

oh the chicken, mayo and lettuce sandwiches were so delicious!

Kids were only $20 - bargain!

Check this out.  A man with severe autism has started a business with the assistance of his dad.  Guess what he does?  He goes to people's houses assembling Ikea flat packs.  He only charges $20!  I wish he lived in Sydney (he's Canadian).  My first thought was to start getting T2 reading Ikea manuals!  I love stories like this.  Just fantastic.

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