Thursday 9 January 2014

Lazyrunner10k Week2 complete & 3 movies in 24 hours!

This afternoon I did 5kms to finish off Week 2 of the Lazyrunner 10k program.  I'm only running every second day at the moment as I'm experiencing a little stiffness in my right knee (it scares me so much I don't want to acknowledge that).  I think I could do with losing a couple of kgs just to take some of the pounding off.  But I'm having way too much over Summer school hols to do that :-)!  I ran this arvo and it got quite hot, but really very bearable for this time of year.

Three movies at the cinema in 24 hours - woohoo!  Don't you love this time of year?  All the movies were very different.

First off The Hobbit - went with eldest and my husband and loved it.  I thought it was alot better than the first one.  Finally got to see that damn dragon!  I've decided I'm not too fond of dwarves.  I much prefer the elves and wizards...and maybe even the dragon!

Then Frozen - again LOVED it! (I'm such a critic)  We took the 3 boys.  T1 and eldest were perfect as usual and even T2 was the best he's ever been.  He started singing though (which was kind of hilarious and a little embarrassing  - he actually has excellent pitch and according to my husband noone would have heard.  I gave him a lollipop and sat him with my husband and he was quiet and really watching for the rest of the movie.  And I admit it... I cried!  T1 said really loudly 'you've got tears!' and then my eldest started laughing at me because I was crying in a kid's movie.  My lovely husband stood up for me though :-)

And then, tonight, the amazing Philomena.  What a beautiful, heart-wrenching, fascinating movie.  The BBC know how to put together a good film and I love Judi Dench.  It was a fantastic movie!

This morning I did some ABA therapy with T2, who did an amazing job.  He is SO compliant at the moment!

A milestone for T1 - he had his last ABA session today.  He just doesn't need it anymore.  His lovely, truly special junior therapist promised to babysit and come to visit to help soften the blow.  She is such a special person.  Anyone who complains about the younger generation need to meet the amazing people that have and do work with my sons.  They are smart, kind, intelligent and really interesting people.

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