Monday, 6 January 2014

Lazyrunner 10k program Week 2 Run 2 & First Aid Course

Yesterday I had to be in the city early to do my first aid course, so I didn't run.  But today was fantastic conditions for a run.  I really enjoyed my 6.5kms and did it in about 40 minutes.  I could tell you my exact time if T2 would release his vice grip on my iPhone!  I still feel like a slow-coach but am happy that my pace is gradually increasing and I should just be happy that I'm injury-free (touch wood!)

Yesterday I did my first aid certificate.  I will need this in order to do my nursing placements this year.  I had to complete a workbook before the course and luckily I went over it because the day started with a written test (a bit scary!).  I thought there would be bandaging but there was none!  First aid has changed alot since I last did a course.  I think its changed mostly for the better.  There was a huge focus on CPR and with so many organisations having defibrillators, we got to practise on one (not a charged one :-)).

The only thing that teed me off was the instructor seemed to me to convey that he wouldn't assist someone who collapsed on the street/beach etc.  He blantantly said he would not perform breaths without a mask on someone he didn't know.  And seemed to emphasize that 'danger' meant danger of being sued.  He also emphasised washing hands before CPR.  Seriously?  As someone who has lost someone to sudden cardiac death I wouldn't be looking around to wash hands.  Also I'd like to think that everyone is someone's brother, sister, father, mother etc.  I stayed quiet for a while and then said my piece; that I would help, would perform CPR if it was a stranger collapsed in public and mentioned to the class my belief that this person is loved by someone.  I don't care.  I'm glad I said it because I didn't like the impression the instructor was giving to the class.  Anyway, preaching over now!  I passed the two tests, have my certificate, so I'm happy.
Free wifi at Woollies Woolloomoolloo!

And a cafe where I did some last minute study

A closer look at my Woollies hot chocolate

Classy - a juice bar, salads, sandwiches and sushi

I wish my local Woolies looked like this!

Tonight is the Hobbit with eldest and husband - can't wait! I've been waiting a year to see this dragon

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