Monday 27 January 2014

6km & visit from a special person

Went out for 6kms this morning.  The sun was belting down, but I'm getting used to that.  Felt a little bit stiff so think tomorrow it might be good to have a day off running.

This afternoon one of the twins' former therapists came to visit.  Without this person my boys would not be where they are today.  Its been a while since we've seen her and we all had a great time hanging out.  We went to the park, swam, had a huge lunch of scones, chicken sandwiches and fairy bread (healthy I know!), talked about everything - fitness, music, ABA, autism, sport.  It was a great afternoon.  She has inspired me to start doing some weight training - well at least contemplate some weight training.  I know I need to but...

Thankfully the boys all behaved perfectly.

T2 still wants all his food cut up small while his tooth is wobbly...sigh

My gorgeous husband goes back to work tomorrow.  We're gonna miss him.  Life has sent me some nasty curveballs, but I'm happy to say I have an amazing husband!

3 sleeps til big school.  The kids are non-plussed.  I, on the other hand am trying to wear a poker face while quietly fighting rising panic.  Aaaahh!!!

Do you do weights?  Any good programs that won't make me too sore to run?  And maybe even help running?

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