Thursday 23 January 2014

5km & the countdown to big school begins! (1 week today)

Today I finished Week 4 of the 10km Lazyrunner program.  It was a breakthrough for me to run 5kms two days in a row without feeling stiff or having niggles.  I'm tempted to push my luck a little and run 8km tomorrow.  We'll see...

So, one week until big school.  My blood pressure and heart rate rise slightly when I think about it.  I'm trying to block it out while simultaneously getting organised.  Today was uniform day.  The list went like this....2 shirts x 2, 2 shorts x 2, 1 sport shirt...x2, 1 sport shorts...x2, 4 pairs of socks...x2, 2 school bags...x2, 1 jumpers.. x2, $149.. x 2 (are you seeing a pattern here?) for a grand total of $498!!!  Let's add black school shoes...x2 for $200 for a grand total of $698 (deep breaths!).  Still need to get stationary, new lunchboxes and bottles (their preschool ones will have to do for the first couple of weeks).  Man, that's some serious cash.  Today we went to the uniform store and I was a little anxious about T2.  He was perfect and wanted to keep his school shirt on (so cute).  But T1 decided it was a good time to fight with his older brother.  Unfortunately it was his worst moment of the day and the rest of the day he was really good.  Don't you hate it when bad behaviour is saved for public consumption?

I'm starting to think lunch boxes now.  Its much more enjoyable than buying uniforms and shoes.  I'm thinking of cooking batches and freezing.  I'm going to try really hard to be organised with the school lunches.  I'm pretty spoiled and don't do much cooking so I think I should take responsibility for the school lunches this year.  Hopefully I'll come through with the goods.

Any tips from fellow ASD parents about first day of school?

Favourite lunchbox recipe?

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