Saturday 4 January 2014

Lazyrunner 10k Week 2- day 1, ABA session & High Tea at WoodenSpoon Bar

An early start to the day, thanks to T2, meant that I got a 5km run in before the day warmed up.  I didn't time my run.  Partly because T2 was playing with my phone and partly because...I didn't want to.  I still haven't quite come to terms with how slow I am.

Then I did an ABA session with T2.  It was great to get started early while we were both fresh.  T2 was great - really fantastic.  Very compliant and focused.  He has had zero behaviours during therapy sessions for ages.  The new approach where T2 chooses what targets he does and has a visual program for the session really works.  For reinforcement we built a train track, coloured in Thomas pictures, played with with Thomas Laptop.  And of course a snack!  As you can tell, T2 is really into Thomas at the moment :-).

Then I updated T2's folder and had a swim with the family.  The twins are really great readers and T2 is sitting next to me reading this.  He just asked 'why did you write 'had a swim with the family'?  Ha!Ha! gotta love those why questions (us autism parents never take language for granted!)

Then it was a girls  High Tea for me and my Mother-in-Law.  It was the second time we had a high tea at Wooden Spoon bar on Military Road, Cremorne.  For the second time, it was fantastic.  We were greeted by a very friendly staff-member who sat us in the front.  We sat on the world's most comfortable lounge and were swiftly served with French Champagne!  They make all cakes and savouries in house and everything tasted SO fresh and delicious.  The waiter went through what everything is, the cream was clotted-tick!, the tea was tea-leaves-tick!, we served water as well- tick!  In fact everything about this place deserved a big tick (I think I've been collecting too much data!).  It was really quiet where we were sitting and good quality jazz was playing in the background.  Really, I can't think of a better way to spend a Sunday afternoon.
Classy decor
Everything is made in house... and delicious!

French Champagne!

Let's take a closer look


Proper tea  (tea leaves)

Proper cream

This high tea was purchased from Living Social vouchers.  At no stage did we feel different because we used a voucher.  We will definitely be back!

Where is your favourite High Tea?

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