Friday, 3 January 2014

T1's Ashes Test debut at the SCG & DON'T trust roll-on sunscreen!

I didn't post last night because I was exhausted and sunburnt and...exhausted.  Yesterday was the big day.  T1 would be playing with the other Milo Kids during Lunch on the first day of the 5th Ashes test at the hallowed Sydney Cricket Ground.

The alarm (otherwise known as T2) woke us up and we got ready to leave the house at 8am to get a park.  We took two cars because T1 wasn't going to last the whole day whereas my eldest and husband would.   We got there in quick time and found a park on the street and walked to the ground.  We had to be at the ground early and luckily they had a great area for kids set up outside the ground.  There was a bowling area, throwing, face painting, free Milo and you could get your photo taken with the world cup.

T1 bowling to eldest - love it !

Little yellow blobs!

This is the team closest to me, not T1's team

Walking off after session

Then all the Milo kids were gathered together and we were given our tickets and entered the ground.  Our seats were really good.  It was a sold out day so getting complimentary tickets in such a great place was terrific.  We were also seated in a no alcohol area which was awesome because I didn't want to be near any yobbo drunks.  My eldest got beer spilled on him where he was seated. Yuck!  NONE of the kids actually watched the game - haha!  We spent the two hours feeding our kids sandwiches and snacks and I gave T1 my phone to play with and the kids all huddled in.  I took T1 to the bathroom and reminded him that he needed to listen to people in charge and then afterwards if he did the right thing we would go to McDonald's.  Finally the kids were called and went off without us.  I wonder how T1 behaved during that time?  Hopefully well!  Then they came on the field and his group was on the opposite side of the field.  My husband could see him from his seats and rang me to give a running commentary.  All I could see were little yellow blobs running around.  T1 did really well.  He really loves cricket.  Two kids got hurt and carried off crying and I thought to myself - wow its not T1! After that it was a long walk back to the car and we cooled off in the car and headed for McDonald's.  The cricket is on TV now and we are absolutely hammering the English.  It looks it will be a 5-0 series!

Eldest and I have matching patches of sunburn.  We used roll-on sunscreen.  I don't trust its coverage now.  Consider yourself warned:-)

Overall an awesome day - except for the sunburn :-(

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