Friday 10 January 2014

My first Parkrun!; ASD and haircuts

This morning I did my first Parkrun! It!hot!hot!..but fantastic.  The sun was belting down and there wasn't a cloud in the sky.  As soon as I got home I collapsed into the pool.  I can't believe these are free events held every week!  It so great to have that competitive experience on a regular basis.  Its really good to practise the starting-line crowds and the experience of finding your place in the field.  I am very happy that I smashed 30 minutes and actually finished well under 29 minutes.  I was kind of racing these two little kids.  I'd pass them, then they'd pass me, then I'd pass get the idea.  In the end they scalped me.  But watch out kiddos, I've got my eyes on you in future races!  I must say when I saw the 2km mark I felt pretty awful.  I was hurting and even got a small stitch.  My gorgeous husband has already given my legs a rub.
I took this from the car - I thought photos on first day may be a bit weird!

Yesterday I took the twins for a haircut.  Haircuts always bring back memories.  Of yelling and screaming.  When they were about two one of the twins pulled a mirror off the wall at the hairdressers!  I reckon I have still have PTSD just from the haircuts.  But its not a problem anymore.  We go up to Just Cuts and I ask for the DVD to be put on andT2 watches and squirms a little.  I used to pop little pieces of cracker into his mouth when he was little for sitting nicely.  I also ask for the clippers around the edge to make it super quick.  I know alot of kids on the spectrum wouldn't do to well with clippers but luckily T2 is used to it.  T1 is no problem at all.  T2 finished first and watched a DVD with T1.  He was great except he did make one loud noise that startled everyone (don't you hate non-functional language/noises?).  Rethink Autism have some great videos on how to desensitize kids for haircuts (though I'm not sure if they are free-I subscribe).

T2 - I never thought I'd see the day!

T1 quite enjoys a haircut now - I think the mirror helps!

If your kids struggle - there are ways to work on a successful trip to the hairdressers!
Any tips for a successful trip to the hairdresser>

Do you do Parkruns?

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