Thursday 30 January 2014


Sorry, no run today!

The boys were so cute and so excited.  They got into their little uniforms and looked so proud.  Well actually T2's uniform isn't that little.... In the morning I paced around waiting for the minutes to tick by (we live minutes from school - a plus!).  When we got to school it was such a relief to see the familiar faces of their shadows.  It was so fantastic of the school to allow these shadows.  In Australia, there doesn't seem to be any specific laws or hard regulations regarding supporting kids with special needs.  The laws tend to be vague and generalised and much of the practical side is left up to the principal's discretion.
I love the way they hold hands

off they go !

Anyway, the classrooms are combined for the first two half-days.  After the parents were shooed out of the classrooms we went to the hall for tea and tissues.  I don't really know any of the parents well and my husband had to pop out to get my eldest to a swimming carnival.  Looking into a sea of unknown parents, hoping my kids were going to be ok, worrying more about how the other kids would treat them than how they will be at school...I promptly burst into tears...damn it!  In public, and I do believe I was the only one.  I went outside pulled myself together and tried again to go inside and be social.  I had a little chat with some of the parents and then headed off.   When we returned for pick up I was immediately greeted by a VERY excited special ed teacher (she is the main reason we chose this school) who told us they had been amazing.  The shadows also said they were great.  Hopefully this will last a little longer than the first day.
Does this pass the healthy test?  They ate ALL of it :-)

When they got home T2 immediately put on his pjs and lay on the floor!  T2, on the hand, was very excited and bouncing off the walls.

Just to add to the drama my eldest came home from cricket and told us that he'd been 'blanking out' ever since Wednesday when he came home from school very overheated.  His school had staffing issues and the kids had spent all afternoon in 30+degree heat (86F+).  At the time I thought oh my goodness, it might be his heart, or epilepsy or....There's a family history of serious cardiac issues.  So off my husband and son went to the Children's Hospital.  They had a long wait and didn't get home until 11.45pm.  Unfortunately he didn't receive a whole lot of tests.  I'm still abit worried about him, poor thing. We've been pumping in fluids and Powerade.  I hope he's ok today.

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