Tuesday 14 January 2014

Treadmills have come a long way & a blissful break at The Langham Sydney

As part of the Lazyrunner 10km program (week 3) I am due to run 7km on one of my runs.  I was going to do this on the treadmill at the wonderful Langham (see below) but discovered you now need a PHD to fully operate a treadmill.  Well, I haven't really seen the inside of a gym since the twins were born.  The treadmill was very nice and I plugged in my headphones and searched for radio..or music of any kind.  And failed.  There were shortcuts for youtube, Ebay, CNN, BBC, my own personal on screen TV, but all I wanted was some music.  So after 5 minutes I decided I'd just listen to my iPhone.  I found it a little tough on a treadmill after such a long absence, so settled for 5km.

The treadmill screen - I just want a catchy tune (you can Facebook on a treadmill??)
Two treadmills - we had the gym to ourselves (and they had refrigerated face towels )

Happy Birthday dear mother-in-law! And thankyou thankyou thankyou for letting me share your birthday present.  We arrived in the city at lunchtime and found the delicious Fish Cafe in the Rocks.  We shared entrees, a crisp chardy and some chips.  You know you're in a fancy shmancy establishment when they roll out the complimentary hot bread.  It was a lovely start to our break.  Check-in at The Langham was at 3pm but unfortunately our room wasn't ready on time.  But we were duly placated with complimentary drinks while reading in the Drawing Room.  At last our room was ready, and it was worth the wait.  It was a Harbour view mini-suite.  So we played ladies while sitting in our little sitting area reading and drinking English Breakfast tea (with choccies!).
This place was an absolute find - we'll be back!

a crisp white on a hot day

This photo doesn't do the meal justice - it was delicious!

I love complimentary bread - no holding the butter for me!

Then we decided to hit the gym and swim in the most gorgeous 20 metre pool with a huge spa.  I used to do a little swimming and I've forgotten what a good upper body workout it is. Then we went for a walk around the Rocks.  It was a beautiful evening and the view from Observatory Hill was breathtaking.  We returned to our suite for a night in with biccies, cheese, choccies and Rose.  While we were gone some magic fairy had turned down our covers, replaced our bottled water and put fresh slippers by the bed!  It was so quiet!  We just read and talked and enjoyed the calm.  In our modern lives there is always noise - well in my life anyway.  Its either TV, games , kids laughing (or screaming:-).  We both drank in the serenity.  The time flew by and we retired for a fantastic night sleep.  At The Langham they have a pillow menu - yes that's right - a pillow menu (there is also a pet menu but we had no need of that!).  I didn't need to consult it because my pillow was just right as it was.
my first visit to The Langham

The drawing room - loved this


The most comfortable bed and pillows

Loved the ceiling on the indoor pool. There was a huge spa - no photos as was occupied

The next morning was a wonderful buffet breakfast in the Galilleo Restaurant.  It wasn't like other buffets I've been to.  No jostling, or lines or loud clattering of dishes.  It was all very civilised.  We checked out and headed to the spa for a great massage I've ever had.  She really worked my neck and I felt it release at one point.  When I get a migraine my neck really stiffens up.  Finally, we headed to the Globe bar for Tiffin at The Langham.  Served off Wedgewood especially designed for The Langham, we spent the next 2 hours sipping tea and sampling sweet treats.  Ahh yes, it was a real treat.  
breakfast - first course

a perfectly poached egg

hot choc to order and breakfast sweet treats

We were conquered - we just couldn't finish all of it

Wedgewood design made especially for The Langham

It tasted as good as it looks

We love our boys, but we all enjoy a rest from the stress and busyness of looking after the twins.  Before we left, T2 decided he would drink some bubble mixture (just like Horrid Henry - his favourite show!).  There was no adverse reaction but sometimes it feels like we're always on high alert and it really is lovely to truly relax and recharge.  

What is the most luxurious Hotel you've stayed at?

Do you have a favourite restaurant in The Rocks, Sydney?

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