Wednesday 13 November 2013

Autism Mums aren't allowed to get sick!

Damn it ...we're just not.  I suffer from migraines.  I first started getting them a few years ago.  Until then I'd hardly ever had a headache.  They really do suck.  But I'm feeling alot better today and will do a bonus run tomorrow morning (as I've already completed Week 2 of C25K program).  T1 and T2 turn 6 next week so while they were at preschool I did some last minute birthday shopping and am all organised for their birthday now - except the cake.  I'm praying the cake topper will arrive on time (but my hopes are fading fast).

Since I get these headache a couple of times a month I usually know when one is due.  I've tried so many things to get rid of them.  I was reading that exercise and mega doses of B2 can help prevent them.  So I might try the B2 and hopefully running the training will help too.  I diarise (is that a word?) my migraines so I'll be able to tell if there is any improvement.

The twins took cupcakes to preschool for their birthday.  I'm hoping T2 doesn't cry when the class sings happy birthday - maybe its just when I sing happy birthday that he cries?:-).  He has a long history of dramatic behaviour when Happy Birthday is being sung to him - fingers crossed!

Any tips for surviving/avoiding migraines?

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