Monday 25 November 2013

Week 4 C25K, Tumbalong Park, Sea Life Aquarium and Injury Prevention

Week 4 Couch25km complete.  T2 woke up at 5.55am so I thought I may as well go out in the morning.  I was feeling a little stiff so I won't run tomorrow and will do a bonus run this week.  I found the book I mentioned yesterday.  If you are interested the link is here .

My mum is an ambitious person.  She wanted to take the twins into the city for a day of "activities".  This made my blood pressure and anxiety levels rise for so many reasons.  Firstly, parking - ahh!  Most people take public transport but with a full day of activities planned I needed a quick escape incase it all got too much for T2.  Thankfully I fluked a handy park, but still had to walk 10 minutes to the car, which is pretty good for Sydney.

First stop was Tumbalong Park, Darling Harbour.  The boys loved this place.  T2 loves water and had fun lolling around and they both went crazy in the water squirters.  The water section is a really clever design with a series of dams that the kids can pull up and release and other interactive pumps etc.

Unfortunately it started to rain after about half an hour so we headed to the McDonalds next to the park for an early lunch.  Not the healthiest option but I do get it for the boys when we are out as on top of all their other issues they have serious allergies and at least I know the ingredients at McDonalds.

Then we walked around to the Aquarium (Sea Life).  Unfortunately there was a 15-20 minute line and it wasn't even peak time.  If you take kids on the spectrum I would definitely preorder tickets online to minimise waiting time.  I even overheard adults complaining.  Thankfully the boys were good during the wait (hurray for the waiting program in the first year of ABA!).  My other tip is to obtain a discount.  We used the Entertainment Book vouchers.  It is an expensive outing so its worth looking for a discount.  Once we were in the boys really enjoyed looking at the sea creatures.  The sharks were a favourite, of course, but the penguins were great too.

Then it was time for a train ride, which are always a favourite with the boys.  But at $5 for adults and $4 per child, again it was relatively pricey.

Then we went back to the park as the rain had stopped, had a 30c cone (the best use of 30c I can think of!) and went home.

I'm not sure about the boys, but I am completely wrecked, but happy.

What are your favourite injury prevention tips?

What are your tips for successful outings with kids on the Spectrum?

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