Friday 8 November 2013

Rest Day

Running: Rest day today.  Tomorrow I'm going to start Week 2 of the C25km program.  Baby steps.

A very hot day here in Sydney.  I can't remember the last time it rained here.  Every morning you can smell bush fires.  T1 and T2 have asthma (along with the ASD, allergies, eczema!) so they've been taking ventolin every couple of hours as well as their preventor and a couple of nights they had to have Redipred as they both had a croup attack this week.  I've also revved up the Vicks humidifier.  Some people don't like them but I was desperate to stop them coughing.

Yesterday arvo,  I did an ABA session with T2 because one of his therapists was away.  It started off pretty rough, with about 20minutes of pretty severe behaviour.  After that he settled down and I was able to run some mastered programs and do lots of play.  For those of you don't know what ABA is, it stands for Applied Behaviour Analysis and is based on the principles of behaviour and reinforcement to increase desired behaviours.  If any of you have taken your puppies to puppy school the principles are pretty similar.  T1 and T2 have been doing ABA for over two years and it has saved my sanity and taught my boys so much.  Its a tough journey.  Financially and psychologically devastating but its all worth the blood, sweat and tears (literally and figuratively!).

I'm scheduling another ABA session this arvo as another therapist is away (its uni exam time for many of our team-members).  Hopefully I'll have time to update how it went.

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