Tuesday 12 November 2013

C25K Week 2 - complete, ABA overlap and Thor

Today was a big day.

I knocked over the last run for Week 2 C25K.  I dodged the rain this morning and am looking forward to a sleep in tomorrow morning.

Later on my boys' BCBA came over and did an overlap session with myself and my son (T2).  An overlap is where the BCBA can supervise and help run any new programs.  As always when his BCBA is around T2 was beautifully behaved and did some really beautiful pretend play.  A BCBA is Board Certified Behaviour Analyst who has done many years supervised training and completed a Masters in Behavioural studies and passed exams

My lovely mother-in-law minded the twins tonight so myself and my hubby and our 10 year old went to the movies and saw Thor.  It was a great night.  My favourite character is the evil Loki - such an annoying brother!  One tip if you go and see the movie- there are TWO extra scenes at the end so don't do what we did and leave after the first credits.  Stay until the very end.

Have you seen Thor? Did you like it?

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