Friday 29 November 2013

Week 5 Day 1 of C25K plan, manicure and shopping

This arvo I headed out for my run because it was raining fairly heavily earlier in the day.  I wouldn't mind running in the rain but have no wet weather gear so its quite unpleasant getting completely soaked.  Week 4 is a big jump.  Day 3 is 20 minutes non-stop running.  I'm not scared of that but am a little fearful of any injuries.  Bring it on!

A great day overall.  I dropped the twins at preschool and the lovely teacher's aide listened while I unloaded all of my concerns that had kept me up to the early hours of this morning.  We worked together to get a few chill out activities for T1 (puzzles, colouring etc) to do in the afternoon, where he has struggled to stay calm and the teachers are fairly occupied.  Also some of his behaviours aren't all his fault so I had a good talk to the aide about that and felt so much better.  Of course, today he didn't need any of the strategies!!
The colour is Moonlight Shelack

Then I headed to the shops to do some initial Christmas shopping and bought our new Christmas tree.  We've had our old one since we've been married and so last Christmas was its last.  Then I got a manicure and pedicure in preparation for a date night with my husband next week.  I took a photo of both but then thought better of posting my feet (although the colour is great- coral)!

Tonight watching Community on DVD with the fam - hurrah for Fridays!

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