Saturday 23 November 2013

Busy Day but no Run

I woke up secretly hoping that it would rain so I didn't have to coach Milo cricket - but it never does and once cricket actually starts I really love it.  It gets easier every week and I'm starting to get to know my little team and get used to running the activities.

After cricket was Soccajoeys.  The boys were quite good today.  Not their best day but they did all the activities and I think I do expect a great deal from them these days.  I wish T2 would run harder after the ball.  I know he can run faster but I have to work out how to get him to do it in a soccer game.  T1 is the opposite and always scores at least one goal.  Looks like T1 got all the competitiveness.

Then I did an ABA session with T2 while another Junior did a session with T1.  T2 was great today -really focussed and got great scores.  In applied behaviour analysis (ABA) data is taken for every skill to assess competency and progress.  He did want to colour the alphabet for a reinforcer and I caved in. Unfortunately he wanted to carry around the piece of paper afterwards which I didn't allow and he kept asking for it.  If I let him perseverate on the alphabet the obsession becomes increasingly stronger so I really limit his time on it.

Then I popped up to the shops for a few things and that was it.  Unfortunately no run today but I'm planning an early one unless there is a thunder storm - there's no way I'm running in one of those.

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