Saturday 9 November 2013

Week 2 Day 1 of C25k and rain at last!

Woke up to rain this morning.  I then spent awhile debating whether I'd run or not.  And eventually decided to get my but out of bed and just do it.  So I did and it was great.  It was sprinkling but really nice and cool after the scorching weather we've been having.  I'm happy to run in rain and showers but I've never had the guts to step out into pelting rain - maybe one day.  So Day 1, Week 2 - complete.  I know I should be spreading the days out on the C25K program but I'm worried I'll get lazy.  So I'm doing the 3 days back to back and then trying to fit a couple of bonus days in.

My ABA session with T2 went beautifully.  He was so happy and attentive. If he behaved like that every day life would be a dream in this household.  I did another session with him today and he was great until the very end.  He threw my older son's ipod in the toilet and its now wrecked:-(.  So now T2 is banned from devices unless an adult is sitting right next to him or if he is in the therapy room.

So glad this rain has come to put out all the fires.  And all the asthmatics can take a deep breath again.

So, do you run in the rain?

Has your kid ever thrown anything in the toilet (grrrrr)?

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