Thursday 14 November 2013

C25K bonus run and small wins=big wins

So I thought I'd ignore the sore throat (yes, I'm still abit sick) and repeat one of the Week 2 days since I had yesterday off running.  And although I didn't really enjoy the run I feel alot better now.  The Betadine gargle and Nurofen may be partly responsible, but hey, whatever works.  Tomorrow I'm going to start Week 3 of the Couch to 5km (C25K) program.  I'm looking forward to the longer blocks of running because I don't use the app and have to keep remembering when its time to walk and time to run.  Why don't  I use the app? Well, I don't really need anyone telling me what to do on my run :-).  I need some peace.

This morning the twins went off to preschool.  They really love it and I hope they love school just as much.  The birthday cupcakes were a hit with the kids and apparently T2 didn't cry when the class sang Happy Birthday - phew! You ASD mum's know that small wins=big wins in our world.

Another small win=big win is that T1 can now put his own seat belt on and he does T2's for him.  It makes such a difference.  Instead of bending down in the back seats and sweating etc etc (it an get pretty damn hot in Sydney), I just get the twins in and put my own belt on, turn around and check their belts are on and we're off.

Right now I have the house to myself - its so quiet and.....blissful!

What are your some of your kids small win=big win moments?

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