Thursday 28 November 2013

C25K Week 4 bonus run, Santa photos & High Tea at Swissotel

Another couple of busy days but I managed a morning bonus run for Week 4 of the Couch to 5km plan and am now ready to move onto Week 5.

On Wednesday, I picked up my eldest son early and the whole family headed into the Sydney CBD.  We walked through Hyde park, which is always gorgeous with its avenue of trees and came across a guy making giant bubbles.  All 3 boys loved it and the man even blew a bubble over their heads, then we headed to David Jones to look at the Christmas windows.  Funny enough T2 liked these the best while T1 seemed unimpressed.  Then we headed up to the christmas section of DJs.  It was pretty good, with cute displays of Elves at work and a talking tree and free balloons.  Next stop was Myer which was very disappointing. Usually they have a little train but it had broken down and wasn't expected to be fixed until the weekend.  They boys coped really well.  Besides the train there was nothing much else.  So we headed for the Queen Victoria Building to check out the Swavokski Christmas Tree and hopefully a successful Santa photo.  This Santa was lovely and had real beard and beautiful fairy helpers.  Usually you have to book but we turned up just before Santa's sometime and got in immediately.  It was a great photo and the boys were given Haig's Santa chocolate from Santa.  I was very impressed with the QVB.  But the staff told me that weekend booking have to be made up to 5 HOURS in advance!
Beautiful Hyde park

Window at DJs

Window at DJs

Window at DJs


Talking Tree at DJs

Clock in QVB

Swavoski Christmas Tree in QVB
Dome in QVB - so beautiful

On Tuesday night my husband, eldest and I saw Hunger Games.  We treated ourselves to Gold Class.  It is cheaper on a Tuesday night so we always book then.  We all really enjoyed it.  I thought it was better than the last one.

Finally while the twins were at preschool my mother-in-law and I went to the Swissotel for High Tea.  It was wonderful, as usual.  I used a Groupon voucher.  The food is always very fresh and the chairs very comfortable.  When you walk in the hotel the staff really welcome you.  Its one of my favourite high teas and its worth buying a voucher for.
lobby at Swissotel

Dining area at Swissotel
These scones were SO delicious
So fresh!
Love these teapots

As you can tell I like to go out when I get the chance.  Parenting kids on the Spectrum is stressful and challenging even though there are many highs.  I enjoy planning activities to look forward to and spend time with my eldest son, husband and mother-in-law.  My addiction to discount vouchers doesn't help- I just can't help myself!

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