Friday 15 November 2013

Week 3 Day 1 C25K and Milo In2Cricket

Week 3 Day 1 of C25K program complete.  I tackled a horrible hill as part of my run, but it wasn't as bad as I thought, though it was pretty steep.  Hills are a mental battle and I plan to include the hill into my runs from now on.

A busy Saturday morning here.  Every Saturday morning T1 and I head off to Milo In2Cricket.  Its a great program that runs for about an hour.  Parents volunteer as coaches for between 5-10 kids and we rotate around about 6 different stations.   At each station the kids practise batting, throwing or fielding.  For example today we had continuous cricket at one station, a fielding game at another station, throwing balls at the wicket and the pull shot.  It focuses on fun.  I volunteered as a coach this year as I wasn't sure how T1 would go and I like to be involved.  I didn't have to be worried, he is doing so well and besides being slightly over-competitive is indistinguishable from his peers.  T2 on the other hand would really need me to 'shadow' him the whole time.  Now that I know what its like, next season I'll enrol both my boys and focus on helping T2.  Today was a bonus because my husband, Mr Sporty was on hand to be assistant coach :-)  I reckon that many kids with ASD could be accomodated within this program, with the right support (and possibly some enticing reinforcement).  I'm really looking forward to including T2 in our Milo cricket mornings next season.  For more info click here

After that it was off to Soccajoeys for both boys.  Originally they both were in a Special Ed class but are now in the mainstream program. T1 is a superstar and T2 does pretty well but spends some time daydreaming (we really need to work on those attending in a group skills!).

This arvo both boys had ABA, though T1 is winding down his program.  This gave me a chance to do my run and do abit of study (I'm doing an online uni course).

Tonight my husband and I are having dinner with a friend while my lovely Mother-in-law minds the boys.

Do your ASD kids play any sports? Any tips to make it successful?

Do you love or hate hills?  Is going up better than going down?

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