Monday 11 November 2013

C25K week 2 day 2

I slept in this morning (if you count 7.30am as a sleep in) which is an amazing feeling because T2 is a very early riser and rarely wakes after 6am - but he did today!  It was also raining here so I skipped the morning run and did it this arvo instead - I got into my running gear, thought the rain was easing and took off...and got very wet.  But it was kind of cool.  There was hardly anyone on the road, even in cars..a bit eery at 5.15pm.  Then when I was jogging around the bay it was just me and the rain hitting the water.   I actually really enjoyed it.

Many of you with kids with ASD may find that they have trouble sleeping.  Our BCBA designed a sleep program for the boys when they were 4 and we followed it to the letter.  It worked beautifully for T1 but T2 failed the sleep program.  I'd read about melotonin for getting kids on the spectrum to sleep and thankfully with a quarter of a 3mg tablet he goes off like a dream and usually sleeps pretty well - just gets up pretty early.  So on the rare occasion he sleeps longer I lap it up.

Today was an additional school orientation for T1 and T2 and they both behaved beautifully.  We were taken on a tour of the school.  Met alot of the teachers and the boys sat in on library and Kindy for a while.  Kindergarten were doing some testing where they had to write numbers consecutively up to a 100!  My guys would love that - the only problem would be stopping them :-).

Later today we went to the therapy centre the boys used to attend and met up with our former Senior therapists.  Amazing, capable people who I will love forever.

Do you have trouble getting your kid to sleep or stay asleep?  Any tips?

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