Saturday, 16 November 2013

C25K Week 3 Day 1, cricket washout and grumpy

Luckily I decided to knock over my run early this morning because its been raining ever since.  One more day left of Week 3, which I'll do tomorrow.  Doing 3 consecutive days really works for me.  It stops me getting lazy and if I get sick (like last week) it means I've already done the work.

I was looking forward to watching my oldest play cricket today.  As soon as we arrived it started to rain so I sat there for 2 HOURS waiting for the game to start.  My son seemed to be happy enough mucking around with his friends but I found it really frustrating.  Luckily it was a home game so my poor husband is now watching while my dad and I came home.

So now I'm cold and grumpy at home.  At times like this its time to dust off the Kindle and rip into some Anthony Trollope (one of my hobbies is reading English Victorian era literature).  Its also time for multiple cups of tea.

Thankfully T1 is happy watching Tom & Jerry and T2 is totally obssessed with my iphone at the moment.  Sometimes its best to chill.

What do you do when you're grumpy to make yourself feel better?

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