Thursday 21 November 2013

Week 4 Day 1 of C25K program & privacy

Woke up to an electrical storm this morning. Pretty cool really, we don't usually get them in the morning.  When I was a kid Summer days were hot and storms cooled everything off.  I truly believe climate change is affecting the weather.  Anyway, its forecast to storm again late this arvo so I set off for day 1 of Week 4.

My run was good therapy for me as I discovered that there was a breach of my kids' privacy from inquisitive (interested? nosy?) parents of kids that will be starting preschool next year.  They noticed my son had a shadow and thought it appropriate to ask questions.  Unfortunately they were answered.  I am happy that I was notified immediately and it wasn't covered up.  I don't know why I'm upset, maybe because unfortunately people with a disability don't seem entitled to any civil rights here in Australia.  Anyway, as you can tell I'm still abit cross.  Maybe its because I was told of their reactions when the big A was mentioned or that another mother asked T2 a question and when he didn't answer she apparently pulled a face and walked away.  I feel so powerless when my kids aren't in my constant supervision.  Anyway, deep breaths and a run helped today.

Its Friday - have a good one everyone!

How do you handle questions by parents about your kids diagnosis? Are you completely open or not?  I'm still figuring it out. 

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