Sunday, 27 April 2014

19.4km and The Corn Exchange


My human alarm clock (who is usually very effective aka as T2) woke up late so I didn't get started until about 7.15am but hey I'm not whinging about a bonus hour of sleep!  This morning was my first long run since my ankle sprain.  Funny enough, my ankle felt pretty sore during the first hour of my run and then felt ok during the second half.  19 (.4!)km is the longest I've ever run in my whole life and now I feel confident that even with a dodgy ankle I'll be able to complete the half-marathon.  Three weeks today!  And what better way to recover than to go to a fancy seafood buffet and attempt to eat my body weight in food!

The Corn Exchange - Four Seasons Hotel

Now I have confessed before that I have a weakness for Groupons, Scoopons, Ouffers, etc etc.  I'm especially weak when it comes to high teas and seafood.  I'm not really tempted by the shopping except I did buy my last Asics Gel Kayanos using one of these sites and they are still going strong (though I should have changed them by now).
source: the Corn Exchange

Tonight we he had a dream run into the city (Sunday nights are a good night to dine in the city).  The buffet was reasonably busy and I didn't attempt to take photos because frankly, I'm a little scared of hoard of people at the opening of a buffet.  I hope you're not too bored with all the photos of my dinner - I should have taken a couple of photos of the hotel but I was having too good time with my husband and forgot.
yum, yum, yum, yum

Cream of broccoli soup - I know I should have had this first but the prawns were too tempting

Under the salad is roast lamb, beef goulash & a chicken noodle dish

Pavlova! brownie! Rocky road!

And because I'm just a big kid at heart I could't walk past ice-cream with sprinkles and lollies :-)

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