Wednesday, 30 April 2014

Should you really run after eating….

10 courses of Yum Cha????


This morning I woke to rain.  And naturally, I rolled over and went back to sleep, promising myself that I'll run later.  It was a mental battle but thankfully I overcame my aversion to running after the morning, sucked it up and ran 7km.  My ankle feels the best it has since I sprained it - I'm on the mend!

Fat Buddha - QVB

I had booked for my mother-in-law and I to experience a 10 course yum cha feast.  As T1 was home from school with asthma, he tagged along, and behaved beautifully.  He spent most of the time colouring in and was a perfect angel.  If T2 could be trained to behave like that a restaurant I would be stoked.  I love the Queen Victoria Building and I'm pretty partial to yum cha so the combination is irresistable.  So when I saw the Scoopon deal I was powerless to stop myself.  There was so much food - pork buns, dumplings, dim sim, salt and pepper calamari, fried rice, spring rolls, custard tarts, all washed down with copious amounts of Chinese tea.

No visit to the QVB is complete without going to Haigh's chocolates and buying something - I usually try to restrict my purchases as the prices are pretty….pricey!

We were about to exit the store when my mother-in-law spotted Cooper Cronk and Corey Parker.  They must be training for the NRL test.  They were so lovely to T1 and were happy to pose for a photo.  My eldest is a tad jealous I think!  I wish I could post the photo  - it is gorgeous.


One of my aims for T2 is to get him playing more functionally with his brothers and friends.  This arvo when he requested an activity which was well,  lets say a little quirky, I made a deal with him. First we play with his brothers for 15 minutes then he could do what he wanted for 15 minutes.  I quickly drew up a choice board of activities where he and T1 took turns in choosing activities and they had to do each one for 5 minutes.  It worked pretty well.  I'm going to try and gradually increase the time and demands.

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