Sunday, 20 April 2014

3km; Lego movie and how to get cheaper movie tickets!


My ankle has been feeling so good the last couple of days that I decided to give it a 3km test and I had no soreness afterwards!  I'm going to build my mileage this week and hopefully be back on track by the end of the week.

The Lego Movie

The kids really enjoyed this movie.  There was plenty of action which is what they like and it was pretty cute visually.  But what I really liked is that cost less than $18 to take 5 people to the movies!  I have a number of tips on how to get cheaper movie tickets.  I love going to the movies, but I don't love the prices.  Read on for my tips.

The kids loved this one!

Firstly, if your local cinema has a club I recommend joining it.  I'm one of those people who nearly always says yes when they ask if I want to join their 'club'.  The undesirable side effect is the disturbing number of cards that clog my wallet, and mostly I never see any benefits.  But today I logged into Cinebuzz and I had gained enough points for 2 free movie tickets!!  I used those and then 2 of my kids had screensavers so I only had to pay for one child and the booking fee (which I hate by the way- why do we have to pay $1.10 to book online? So annoying).

the only black card I'm likely to own!

My second tip is that if you are a Telstra or Optus customer you can buy $10 movie tickets .  Telstra Thanks  is where you can get $10 movie tickets for Event cinemas and Optus Yes Rewards for $10 Hoyts.  Many other smaller cinemas have clubs too.

Don't forget there is also family tickets to kids movies which can save money too.

If you like a touch of luxury you can also get Gold Class tickets cheaper before 5pm on weekdays or on Tuesday nights.  There is no way I'm going to pay $38 for a movie ticket - no way!

Do you have any tips for saving money on movie tics?  

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