Tuesday, 8 April 2014

Some motivation for you!

I'm sure my anatomy lecturer won't mind me sharing this slide with you.  It shows the loss of muscle mass with ageing- but wait!  Its not all bad news.  The photos on the right show the difference when you exercise regularly - motivating stuff right?  Well, it certainly is for me!  I think of this when I don't want to do my strength work.  At the moment I'm really enjoying running but not so much the strength exercises.  7km for me this morning.

Today was a study day for me and I got quite a bit done - but there's so MUCH to do.

I needed a change of scenery and some sugar/probiotics

plain frozen yoghurt with mini mms and gummy bears - yum
It was SO quiet- great for studying!

Soccer training for the twins this arvo.  T2 was up and down - moments of great play and moments of loud noises and he even hit me once :-(...its not all roses here that's for sure, but overall he is doing amazingly well.  And I'm sure he is very tired it being the end of term, training after school

Does fear motivate you? It certainly motivates me!

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