Saturday, 12 April 2014

Parkrun and Soccer


I did my local Parkrun this morning and I was going really well for the first 3km.  After that I felt a stitch coming on and 'blew up'.  About 8 people passed me.  A guy with a 6 foot track shirt on elbowed me as he tried to get past at the very beginning of the race and a woman elbowed me at about the 4km as she ran passed.  I can't remember the last time I touched someone in a race.  I'd rather be a few seconds slower than hurt someone.  Anyway, rant over.  I've memorised the back of the woman's head and hopefully she'll be memorising the back of mine in the not too distant future :-)!  I think I'm going to activate my Garmin pacer to help me with my pacing.


My eldest son had a soccer game miles away so my mother-in-law and I took him while my husband took the twins to their local game.  It was a 40 minute drive just to get to the ground!  But my eldest played really well.  He is new to soccer, though he's always played in the playground.  He did a really good job.
Beautiful Galston - wish I could have checked out the area

It was a great game - I'm glad I had my brolly this time!

the footy canteen has come a long way!

This arvo it was raining and T1 and my eldest have been at each other's throats all afternoon.  The adults were all exhausted from soccer/ running/ groceries and needed a rest but those two are going to have to be kept busy this holidays.  I plan on creating some schedule of activities and hopefully it will go well.

Then I had an online anatomy quiz to do and I locked myself in my eldest's room to do it.  As soon as I pressed 'begin' T2 realised I'd gone and started banging on the door and pleading to be let in.  You can't pause these tests and I was screaming out for someone to rescue me.  Meanwhile the clock was ticking down the 15 minutes.  I was crying in frustration.  I ended up with 6/10 and luckily it was only worth 2.5%.  It was a bit of a bummer because I usually do pretty well in my tests.  I do hate multiple choice though.  I never pick the right choice unless I'm sure of the answer.  Today, I'm hating anatomy and physiology.

Hopefully tomorrow will be better than this arvo has been!

Goals For the School Holidays

T1 - to get off his training wheels
T2 - for me to do 2 ABA sessions per week with him
Eldest - to run 15 minutes twice a week with him to help his fitness for soccer and his cross country prep.
Social - to call 3 of the boys' friends to invite them over to play.  I can't guarantee they'll say yes but at least I can ring

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