Sunday, 6 April 2014

The longest I've run - ever!

This morning I went out for an 18km run!!  In fact it was a touch over.  Thankfully, it was perfect conditions - a good cloud coverage and a mist of showers every half hour or so.  I'm glad I didn't leave it any later because its been pouring ever since.  If all goes well I'll be in a really good position come May 18th - half marathon day!
18 KMS!!!!!!!!

After my run my MIL and I did some cooking for the week ahead.  Unfortunately our local Coles don't seem to be stocking the nut free choc chips.  So we decided to make ANZAC biscuits (well it is April!).  They are pretty yummy.  I was fairly hungry this arvo so tucked into quite a bit of food - hot cross buns, ANZAC bikes, chocolate.  Ooops!  Oh well.  I must try to be a bit healthier!
Its not too early for ANZAC biscuits - is it?

I ate a few too many of these!

Another day, another assignment/ test.  I'm almost finished my TAFE coursework and soon will just have to worry about uni.  I'm already a bit over it and its only week 6.  Bring on mid-semester break!

This arvo my husband, T1 and eldest went to Leichardt and watched Manly get smashed in the pouring rain.   T2 had a therapy session so I had some peace to do some study.

Last week of Term 1 this week.  Overall, I couldn't have wished for a better start.  A few things are going to change next term to hopefully keep T2 on track.  But I'm really happy with the school, the boys' teacher and how everything has worked out.

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