Wednesday, 16 April 2014

Wet n Wild Sydney review; injured


Ran an uneventful 7km this morning.  Then this avo my eldest and I went for a 3 km run.  He has cross country and soccer and I thought it may help with both, besides being something we can do together.  I was running next to him on the grass next to the footpath when I rolled my ankle.  Yes, it was a stupid place to run and its single file next time.  I'm just so worried.  This half-marathon means alot to me and its only 4 weeks away.  Waaaaaaa! At the moment I'm icing it and trying to stay calm.  I'm pretty hopeful its not a bad sprain.  I'm definitely not running tomorrow.  I can't derail this effort.  I'm ok with up to 5 days off before I will begin to panic.  At the moment its RICE and trying not to feel guilty because I lying down in school hols.  Its quite difficult to elevate an ankle above the heart.  I'm failing dismally.  On a bright note I went to Sydney's Wet 'n' Wild with my eldest yesterday and we had an absolute blast.  Read on for my review.....

Sydney's Wet 'n' Wild

Yesterday my eldest and I were lucky enough to go to Sydney's Wet 'n' Wild.  We were given passes from a friend so we had nothing to lose.  I've heard so many conflicting stories that I felt quite apprehensive about going.  Getting there was really straight forward as its just up the M4 motorway and then you turn off at the Prospect Highway.  I didn't feel better about it when we got to the carpark and there was a sign saying $10 for parking. But from there things looked up.  It was a fairly cool day so there weren't many people there.  We dumped our bags on one of the loungechairs on the beach/ wave pool area and took off to one of the towers.  There are 3 main towers that have different slides on them (and a separate area for the little ones).  We took off like maniacs, running to the slides, bounding up innumerable stairs and whizzing down the slides (I've always had a problem acting my age :-).  It was a really awesome time.  The only slide we didn't attempt was the 360 degree drop.  Frankly, if you have to strap a neck/back brace on to get on a slide then I'm not doing it.  The slide also had electronic scales where you had to be weighed.
I didn't take my phone into the park so these photos are from the WetnWild website

so much fun!

This one was REALLY fun!

We went on every other slide and most of them we went on 2-3 times.  None of the slides were really scary  - they were just awesome fun.  It was a great chance for me to spend quality, high energy fun time with my eldest.  I'm glad I'm so fit at the moment because it does take a certain amount of fitness to keep up with a sporty 11 year old.  For the less energetic, there were plenty of mums on deckchairs with books.  I hope he doesn't read this but we had so much fun I'm thinking of buying him and I a season pass for next season.  I'm quite aware of the affect having siblings with additional needs has - it can't be easy for him and I think its extra important to spend quality time with him.  Besides - he's a great kid.  That is one of the reasons I wanted to start running with him (hopefully it won't be too long till I'm up and about).

Another word of warning is that you are not supposed to bring outside food into the park.  However, if your kid has a serious allergy like mine does, you can bring food into the park as long as you have a photocopy of a dr's letter.

Wet n Wild - we'll be back.

Have you been to Wet n Wild Sydney?  Love it or hate it?

Any tips for a quick sprained ankle recovery?


  1. We haven't been yet and I've been put off by thoughts of crowds- neither myself or the kids do well in crowds... and the expense is considerable... and what if there are queues?? These hols are a good time to try it out maybe?? Reassured by your post... it's expensive so we'd need to try to get on lots of rides and this quieter time of year might be good.

  2. Wet n Wild closes for the season after these school holidays. It was a really good time to go regarding crowds. We did get a little chilly but that was after 3 hours of solid slides. The longest we waited was literally a few minutes. I agree, it is expensive to buy tickets - really expensive for a family, which is a bit sad really.