Tuesday, 29 April 2014

6x400m; Spiderman & reaching my eating limit


My program told me I had to run 3x 400m with 100m jog in-between .  Then jog for an extra 400m and do it all again.  It was painful but I really felt like I had accomplished something afterwards.  The grass was really wet at the park and my feet and socks go really wet.  By the end I was squelching in my shoes.  At least the soft grass and low mileage was good for my ankle.


Is it just me or is Spiderman getting just too young?  Like policeman and doctors?  Ooohhh - it means I'm getting older (notice I didn't say old).   My eldest had a bonus pupil free day so we headed off to the latest Spiderman movie.  I really enjoyed it actually - what's not to like about a superhero saving New York city?

Then it was off to Thai at Redspoon restaurant.  It was delicious actually. We had curry puffs and a chicken stir fry that my mother-in-law chose.  My son had oyster chicken and loved it.

curry puffs
Chicken in oyster sauce

It reminds me of eating in a wooden cave or tunnel

It takes a lot to conquer me food-wise but I'm seriously considering skipping dinner tonight.
Sunday night - seafood buffet.  Monday morning - high tea with some school mums.  Today Thai lunch and tomorrow I've booked a 10 course yum cha.  In between I'm still polishing off my Easter choccies too.  I'm starting to feel - really, really full - all of the time.  I'd need to run an ultra every day to keep up with this kind of consumption.


I got my last theory assignment back for my TAFE course (and passed - yippee!) and am trying to find a placement - so far no luck.  No rejections but many answering machines.  I've had enough for today.  Hopefully there'll be a breakthrough tomorrow.  Meanwhile just as I was about to get all 3 kids back to school, T1 has bad asthma and will be home tomorrow.  I love having them home but am starting to feel rising panic about the absence of any uni work being done.  Aaaaaahhhhhh.  Seriously - rising panic.

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