Monday, 7 April 2014

a speed session, a little sad and the joys of 'average'


Thnankfully my half-marathon program had a speed session on for today.  My legs are sore from yesterday's 18km so I'm glad it was short.  The session went like this

90secs hard running 90 seconds jogging recovery (or shuffling in my case) X2
60 secs hard running 60 seconds jogging recovery X2
30 secs hard running 30 secs recovery X2
15 secs hard running 15 secs recovery X2

I was desperate to run on grass today even though the grass was really wet.  I could feel and hear my feet squelching in my shoes with every step.  It was a little off putting!


This afternoon I had a clash of mothering commitments and I feel abit sad about it now.  I had my eldest's 3 way teacher conference and the twins had a Palm Sunday thingy on at the school. They were on at the same time so I had to choose.   I went to the teacher conference, which was great.  There was a stark contrast between the twins' IEP (where I literally had a stack of documentation and even power dressed and put on the make up) and this meeting.

This arvo I decided I wasn't even going to take a pen and paper to my eldest's meeting.  Dress? jeans and a hoodie.  And we heard exactly what we thought we'd hear.  'He's doing so well, he's great at this, he's doing so well at that' etc.  Ahh the relief of the easy child!

But when I went to the twins' school to pick them up one of the other mothers rushed over and said "T1 was amazing!  He read so well!"  I didn't realise he was doing anything in the service or that it was a big deal. I  thought they were singing a song and that was it.  The teacher even told me that T2 started crying every time the class practiced it - so you can imagine I was quite happy to ditch that and go the my eldest's conference.  And they had made gorgeous paper palms to wave about.   I'm really sad I missed it.
The Palms the twins made :-)

The twins are hyperlexic (meaning they have super sonic reading abilities for their age).  I take it for granted but it is kind of amusing when other parents react in amazement! :-)  I'd be very  happy with average reading and average social skills and average language.  I love average - but somehow I've never had it with my boys- they're either fantastic at something or really struggling.

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