Wednesday, 23 April 2014

7km & Monkey Mania Top Ryde


First, a little catchup of the last couple of days.  Tuesday night my eldest, myself and my husband were at the movies watching Captain America.  I was feeling a bit headachy but that wasn't stopping me scoffing my movie chocolates.  About an hour in I thought, these choccies aren't going down as well as they usually do.  I started to think about the nearest exit.  About 3/4 of the way through the movie I looked at my eldest who was whispering to my husband.  He was clutching his stomach.  Screw the movie (although it was really good), we got out of there.  It must have been quite a sight - myself and my son staggering to the exit clutching our stomachs.

The next morning my eldest bounded out of bed like only the young can do.  I, on the other hand was just happy to loll on the couch the whole day.  So today I was ready for a good run.  I ran 7km and although I was really happy to complete it, my ankle has been aching slightly for the rest of the day.  I'm going to be researching ankle recovery this arvo (and maybe studying blood vessels).

After that I did an ABA therapy session with T2 and he was really compliant and it went really well.

Monkey Mania Top Ryde
My kids all love indoor play centres.  I think they're ok.  Most autism parents know that its not optional to be a helicopter parent and I spend the whole time walking around the centre stalking my kids, making sure they are safe and happy, behaving themselves and not being assaulted by any other kids or vice versa.  Occasionally I let myself feel jealous of the parents with their nose in a book/magazine/ipad - but its fleeting.  I know that I wouldn't be able to help myself and love to play!  Thankfully all the kids at Monkey Mania were really well behaved and my 3 lasted almost 2 hours.  One tip - always end an outing when things are going well.  Don't stay until things turn pear shaped and then leave.

What I loved about Monkey Mania

  • Compared to any other indoor centre I've been too this one is the place where its easiest to see your child.  Its possible to properly supervise your kids from your table .
  • There was an employee on the play floor who was doing a really good job of reminding the kids of the rules and just being a 'presence'. I like that!
  • Sorry, I don't drink coffee so I can't comment on that.   My kids enjoyed their hot chocolate though.
  • There's a jumping castle
  • There's a separate area for the under 5s (though I don't have any :-)
  • Kids get to choose a balloon on the way out
  • There are ball 'guns' which are really fun
  • There's is a cage where balls are collected which dumps balls on the kids when its full - my kids loved this.

There's a triple slide and many climbing structures - but getting photos minus kids was near impossible!
Lots of room to explore

It sucks up balls and spits them out the top

My Eldest was into the ball gun

Who doesn't love a jumping castle? 

Off they go!

Kids get to choose a ballon when they leave - cool

What I wasn't such a fan of
  • There are dodgem cars, which do look really fun and look well-run.  But its an extra $2 a ride so when my kids asked I just said I didn't have any more money (which, by the way, wasn't far off the truth!).  Maybe on a special occasion, but I wasn't in the mood for forking out for extras.
  • I didn't buy any food off the menu, but it didn't look particularly healthy ( though the pizzas and chips were tempting)
We'll definitely return here as it was a great outing.

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