Thursday, 3 April 2014

7km, peanut free Easter egg shopping and I need some muscle!

Last night both of the twins were up and so I didn't manage an early run.  I really wanted to run and managed to run 7km straight after school drop off.  It was really foggy on the water and the fog was blocking the sun.  But I could feel what lurked beneath.  And after about 10 minutes the fog evaporated and the burning hot, sun broke through and boy was it intense!  After I got home my face was bright red from the heat and I jumped in the pool.  No-one else was home and it was heavenly.  The water was cool and I floated on my back looking up at the blue sky and the trees and felt truly happy and content in that moment.
But the moment didn't last long.  I had a busy day planned...

When you're a family of chocoholics with 3 kids with allergies Easter Egg shopping must be done in advance and executed with military precision.  I headed to Big W for my first haul of peanut free chocolate - every year its getting easier with more products on offer.
Peanut and cashew fee Easter Eggs - is this enough?!

Heritage nut free chocolate is a winner in our house

Kinnerton is another great nut-free brand.  These are for the Easter hunt!

The other place I found really great was Coles.  I found some little chicks for the Easter hunt and then... just as I was about to head home... I saw it - the Holy Grail of Easter items....a chocolate NRL football for my 11 year old tragic Manly supporter.  There have been chocolate footballs around for years but never a peanut free one.  I KNOW he's going to LOVE it!
I can't wait to see eldest's face when he gets this!

He's always wanted a choc football but usually they may have peanuts.

I also managed to buy the twins' soccer boots.  I think I did pretty well.  I reckon they are pretty stylish and the males in the house have all given them a big thumbs up.
I love these!  Purple shoelaces!

Then I met up with my husband for some lunch.  We had an Entertainment Book voucher for Tex Mex, a Mexican place and it was great to have something different.  We shared beef nachos and chicken burritos.   Yum!
beef tacos from Tex Mex

Chicken Burrito from Tex Mex

Strength Training
Today I did my first at home strength training session.  I found a little workout that seemed really easy and doable that I could gradually make harder.  It was from Nerdfitness (love the name!).  You can find the workout here.  I'm going to try and do it a few times a week.

I went out to a Kindergarten dinner tonight and it was great to get to know the other parents.  I did find  it a little confronting when one of the parent's told me someone (who had been at the boys therapy centre) had told them about the boys' history.  Since T1 is pretty much 'recovered' I don't think of him having anything and I don't tell anyone about his diagnosis.  I sometimes wish that we could move states so that no one who knew T1's history.  I hope it doesn't affect his social relationships.  Women love a gossip, don't they??

Do you do strength training?

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