Thursday, 17 April 2014

Rouse Hill House and Farm; Sprained ankle day 1


No running but plenty of R.I.C.E when I got back from our outing.  My ankle does feel a little better though.

Rouse Hill House and Farm

This morning we headed out to Rouse Hill House and Farm for A Peachy Picnic, which is a school holiday program that the Sydney Living Museums put on.  I was a little hesitant about how T2 would go at a structured holiday program at a historic site but he had a marvellous time, in fact we all did.  My poor husband and eldest had to carry everything as I was hobbling around.

Rouse Hill House

The photo above is from a govt website as the school holiday program took place outside and in the alcove of the house.   I'll have to return for a look inside.

We walked to the paddock where we played carnival games.

It was a picture perfect day

First up was 'horse riding'

then the good old sack race

T2 needed a little help

Despite their best efforts they lost the tug o war

Three legged race - I love this photo

Our leader Karina was great with the kids
Karina told us about another game they used to play was Greasy Pig, where a live pig was greased up and the first child to catch the pig won the game.  We didn't play that one but my boys would have LOVED that :-)

After the games it was time to have a picnic in the baskets supplied - there were real crockery teapots and teacups (as well as unbreakable cups).  As a serious tea drinker I was very pleased with tea leaves and a strainer!  Karina supplied everyone with peaches and wedding cake!  This is because the kids who grew up in the house in the 1940s used to sell peaches on Windsor Road and their mother used to bake Wedding Cakes - I must say it was delicious and I was so hungry I forgot to take a photo of it.  While we had our picnic Karina read the story Beauty and The Beast and then she rehearsed the kids to act out the story and dress up.  T1 and my eldest enjoyed it and T2 joined in for part of it and really enjoyed it too.
Crockery and tea leaves - tick!

This was a separate house where the grandchildren grew up - its so small.

Tell me a secret wonderful place in Sydney to take the kids


  1. Oh I love this post, just the sort of thing I find inspiring. We haven't done one of these Living Museum things but must get organised and try one. My twins would love it, too late for the teens for a few years sadly.

  2. It is not something we would usually do but I'm really glad we did. I'd love to visit Elizabeth Farm next, but I think it will be busier there. The peaceful environment was great for my boys (and us parents!)