Friday, 11 April 2014

Belated Update & Glebe Foreshore/Fishmarkets

Yesterday I ran 7km in the morning.  When I woke up I felt unmotivated and didn't want to run - but I did - and I was glad I did...afterwards.

It was husband's day off.  He has one day off a fortnight and lately it has been raining every time. It was cloudy in the morning so we decided to walk to the fish market via the Glebe Foreshore Walk.  I thought - it looks ok, I won't need my umbrella...wrong!  We got to the fish market and it started to rain.  It was still kind of beautiful though,  walking around the foreshore.  If I was wearing something a little more appropriate (not the white cotton shirt -ahem..) I would have been fine with it.  We did find a gorgeous cafe that used to be a heritage listed cottage.  It was quiet and we sat there and watched the rain and drank a mug of hot chocolate.  When we first arrived there were lots of dogs (and owners!)  at the cafe but the cafe cleared and hubby and I had some quality time to chat.  I love how society is becoming more dog-friendly and the dogs were really well-behaved.  I actually think I'd prefer dogs than kids when I'm having my own kid-free time!  BUT I still hate it when I'm running and a dog comes near.
Glebe foreshore

Sydney Fishmarkets

Lunch - yum

We took refuge at Blackwattle Cafe Glebe

The red tape kind of ruins the vibe

hot chocolate - 'super hot'

I love this tree

Its school holidays!  Secretly, I love them.  But I might not feel that way in 2 weeks.  We aren't going away but hopefully we'll all get a rest and have some successful outings (not always an assumption when there is ASD in the family).  I've also thought of a couple of goals I want to achieve for myself and the boys over the holidays.  I will share more tomorrow because its getting late and I have a quiz on bones, muscles and joints to study for (I'm terrified!).  I LOVE/HATE/LOVE/HATE anatomy and physiology :-)

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