Friday, 18 April 2014

Dyeing Easter Eggs

(No running today as my ankle is still healing)

When I saw the gorgeous dyed eggs that were on The Autism Helper 's website, I knew we had to try it.  I'm not exactly crafty, and I was a bit worried about the whole thing (make sure you do this outside).  But it was a great success.  I have learnt a few things for next year though (like do the blowing the day before).

The finished product!
Step one is to buy a dozen non-caged eggs (we got the Aldi ones)
non-caged eggs

Step two is to get a pin and puncture each end of the egg.  Wiggle the pin around to break the yolk and then blow really hard.  My eldest, T1 and myself did this.  T2 would have ended up with egg all over him and shattered egg.  It was pretty hard work but the boys were into it.  Then we washed them with the hose and blew the water out and let them dry in the sun.
put a fairly large hole in each end of the egg

Blow really hard - this part was pretty gross but the kids were into it.

Then rinse out well

Next I got jars and put 1 teaspoon of vinegar and about 1/2 cup of very hot water in them.  Then it was time to put drops of food colouring in each.  The instructions I had said 10 drops in each jar - but we ended up putting about 30 drops in each jar.
A teaspoon of vinegar in each jar

these yoghurt jars worked really well

We used a LOT of food colouring

all the pretty colours

Next step was immersing the eggs.  This wasn't as easy as it appears as they kept bobbing to the top.  We ended up holding them down with 2 teaspoons for about 5-10 minutes.
We kept a very close eye on T2 but he joined in really well

Eggs drying in extra jars

Almost dry - I love the bright colours

Then we got them out with teaspoons and dried them in spare jars until they were dry.

All the kids pitched in at one point or another in the process, but my eldest was really into it and clearly enjoyed it.

Oh and if you don't like coloured fingers you should really wear gloves :-)

This will definitely become an Easter tradition in our house

Later today I did an ABA therapy session with T2 and he did really well.  Besides being therapy its really great quality one on one time with my son.  And don't worry, plenty of play is a big part of a session.

Ankle Update
My ankle is SO much better today.  When T2 wanted to be chased I tested it out a little and it held up really well.  Fingers crossed I'll be back running on Tuesday.

Have you ever dyed Easter eggs - any tips for me?

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