Saturday, 26 April 2014

Parkrun and Playdates

Parkrun - 5km

I wasn't keen.  It was my first Parkrun since I rolled my ankle.  Last Parkrun I got jostled a little (I'm such a sook) so I was scared I might fall. But, I just sucked it up and did it.  Not a PB but only 20 seconds off it - happy with that!  Unfortunately my ankle aches after I run.  I've never had an ankle injury so its all new to me.  I iced it and now have strapped it.  I've also trawled youtube for exercises - no, I can't afford any physio (it all goes on ABA!).  My mother-in-law broke her ankle a couple of years ago and she has given me her stretch bands and has shown me the exercises and stretches her physio made her do.  Fingers crossed!

My new best friend - the resistance band (sorry about the terrible photo!)

Kids with autism don't like people/ don't feel emotions/ have no friends - have you heard crap like that??  Stereotypes make me ANGRY.  Most kids with autism just lack the skills to develop meaningful friendships - play skills, language skills, turn-taking - the list goes on.

The sad truth is that if we don't help our kids make friends and teach them these skills the 'no friends' stereotype may became a reality.

As T1 has mostly 'recovered' from autism, his program supervisor has mandated playdates, playdates and more playdates.  I, on the other hand have responded with fear, avoidance and excuses - until now.

Now T2 isn't going so well with the playdates - he got pretty upset when we had some other kids over.  Luckily T1 covered for him but T2 needs to practise.  And that's what we're going to do this term.  I'm going to recruit eldest and T1 and have 'playdates' for half an hour of good play every arvo.  Then when other kids come to play I know he can at least play for the first 30 minutes.

Here are some links that I really found helpful regarding playdates for kids with autism.  I'm sure there are more (feel free to share any you have)

The following link is a bit technical but I love how it is scientific, ABA-based and they recommend data-taking for playdates - awesome!

Do you have any tips for successful playdates? 

Have you ever sprained your ankle?  Any recovery tips?

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