Tuesday 31 December 2013

6km run Lazyrunner 10k plan Day 2, New Year's Eve in Sydney, Rest day today

Yesterday I ran 6kms as part of Week 1 of the Lazyrunner 10k plan.  I felt slow..and stiff.. and hot.  After I got home my lovely husband offered to massage my legs and feet - yes please.  Today I'm having a day off running and tomorrow plan on doing a short 3km run as I've been feeling fatigued on my runs lately.  I've really tried to pick up the pace in the last couple of weeks.

Last night we went to a close friend's conveniently located apartment in Pyrmont.  You can see Centrepoint Tower from her top floor but we decided to walk down to Pirrama Park for the 9 o'clock fireworks.  Who in their right minds takes twins with autism to see fireworks in chaotic Sydney?  That would be me!  After spending the early years of the twins life trapped at home I've now veered the other way.  Thankfully the twins now cope really well with it.  Our friend (kind of like a sister-in-law) had invited a few friends over and refuses to tell her friends about their diagnosis because she says no-one will notice.  Umm..ok.  I love her to death but T2 is a little...different.  T1 can get by without being noticed.  Anyway all 3 boys were really great overall.  We took them to the park for a while as T2 found rocks on the balcony and wanted to throw them off.  Luckily we stopped him before he had a chance to do that (and kill anyone) :-).  My eldest and T1 were fine.  Nothing was spilt or broken and the kids ate really well and I actually got to eat my dinner and talk to some of the guests.  My husband did have to keep T2 pretty close.  So the kids stayed awake and loved the fireworks and we had a great night.  Surely there is no better place to see New Years Eve Fireworks than Sydney Harbour.
Eldest and T1 at the park
I wish I had a DLSR and knew how to use one!

9 o'clock fireworks

An apartment's cool Christmas window

Then we went home, put the twins to bed and my eldest and us adults watched one of my favourite movies from 2013 - SilverLiningPlaybook.  At midnight, we watched the midnight fireworks and went to bed straight after.  You would think the twins would sleep in since they didn't get to sleep until 10pm, but they were up at 6.30am!  Thankfully my mother-in-law looked after them while we had a sleep in (bless her!).

This morning I did an ABA therapy session with T2 this morning.  He did really well - so compliant and focussed.  He's still a little confused about some wh questions though.

Tonight my eldest and my husband are going to the Big Bash (cricket).  My mother-in-law and I have our own plans.  They involve putting the twins to sleep, watching Atonement (I've been keeping this DVD for a special girls' night viewing) and eating and drinking all the nibblies that we were too full to eat last night - Jatz and crab dip, strawberries dipped in chocolate and drinking Chandon.  Bring it on!

Happy New Year everyone!  I hope its your best year ever.

Running Goals for 2014
1)  Run 5km in under 30 minutes
2)  Run 10 kms
3)  Run 10 kms under 60 minutes
4)  Run a half marathon
5)  Run a marathon?

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