Friday 20 December 2013

Week 8 Run 2 of Couch to 5k; last day of preschool!

I'm glad I went out early today.  Even at 6.30am it was HOT!  I could feel my pale skin start to redden in the sun.  It felt like mid-morning rather than early morning.  I felt good though, and am excited about what program I'll tackle after the couch to 5k.  I think a 10k program will be next.  Any suggestions?

Today was a milestone for the twins.  The last day of preschool.  It was actually a half day and the preschool had a jumping castle.  T2 has told me he wants one in the backyard.  I said 'what about the trampoline?' and he said 'put it next to the trampoline'!  The parents got there early and the kids sang a few Christmas carols, then I took a few happy snaps of the twins with their teachers and that was it.  Two years ago when the twins started T2 could hardly string a sentence together and only spoke when he really wanted something.  Now he speaks in spontaneous, functional sentences and makes comments about his environment.  I never thought this would happen.  And T1 - well, some professionals say he is 'recovered' and most of the time he is indistinguishable from his peers!

I went to thank the preschool director for all her support (and the support really has been excellent).  She told me she wished I could speak to a couple of parents who are in denial (no names were mentioned or anything and its a very large preschool). Denial - I was there once.  Stuck in a hopeless wasteland.  Its funny but I didn't even choose to be in denial about the twins' autism.  I truly couldn't believe or fathom it.  It was if it was a reality too dreadful to contemplate so my mind didn't accept it.  It didn't help that I didn't know what autism was and didn't know that there was effective treatment.  It hasn't been a fun ride and I wouldn't wish the stress, worry or imminent bankruptcy on anyone.  But there is HOPE.  My kids do have friends, they can communicate, they are making progress and they are truly wonderful people.

Any runners out there?  Suggestions for 10k programs please.

Were you in denial when it was first suggested that there was something 'wrong' with you child?

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