Sunday, 8 December 2013

A lovely quiet day - much needed!

I'm still wearing my pyjama top - don't you love those days!  It does kind of look like daywear though
 :-).  No run today. Tomorrow I'll repeat day 3 of Week 6 Couch to 5k before moving to Week 7 (getting exciting now - I can see that 5km!)

This morning T2 had an ABA session with a junior and he was NOT having a good day.  I try to stay out of the way when that happens because my instinct is to interfere (and that never ends well).  So then I spent a while scanning ABC data to my BCBA (my Behaviour Analyst=boss of my son's ABA program.  ABC is shorthand for a summary of any behaviour problems - A=antecedent which is what happened before the 'behaviour'.  An example could be "therapist said ok now we're going to do a drawing". B= behaviour which could be "T2 scrunched the paper, verbally complained and threw the textas across the room". C= Consequence, so basically the therapist's response to the behaviour.  An example could be "blocked T2 from throwing item, renegotiated reward and did the first part of the drawing for him.  Then prompted him to complete drawing".
There is SO much jargon in ABA.  I hope I made it a little clearer.

So it took me THREE attempts to scan the data through and I learnt alot about pdfs and dpis and flatbeds vs paper feeders.  So at least I learnt something today :-).

Afer his therapy session T2 calmed down and the boys went for a swim and they've been chilling out with electricals while I cram for my quiz on muscles and joints.

Since I'm so well acquainted with my printer today I am now going to refill my toner, except I've completely forgotten how and last time I nearly got covered in magenta toner.  BUT refilling cartridges saves bucket loads of cash so I'm going to find that youtube tutorial and refill cartridges while my husband looks after the kids.

Exciting stuff hey!  I may even include a photo of refilling my toner cartridges to make it a super exciting post.

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